Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls Now Available in Costco Wholesale Canada

Polara Golf's revolutionary self-correcting golf balls are now available in Costco Wholesale Canada

The Ultimate Straight golf balls are our straightest balls and are designed for the recreational golfer whose main problem is significant and persistent hooking or slicing off the tee. These self-correcting golf balls are designed to correct hooks and slices by as much as 75%! This means that if you slice a regular golf ball 100 feet, the exact same swing with our antislice golf ball would only slice about 25 feet – improving your golf game and leaving you in the fairway instead of the rough.

A key component of how these balls fly so straight is that they exhibit less aerodynamic lift than other golf balls. This has the nice benefit of reducing hooks and fixing slices, but will also result in lower than normal ball flight. Because of this lower than normal ball flight we recommend that you use your 3-wood or a driver with more loft than normal (10.5 degrees or higher) off the tee.


Our newest golf improvement products, the XD and the XDS are anti-slice golf balls designed for the recreational golfer who struggles with hooks and slices off the tee, but perhaps hits a fair number of straight shots as well, or whose hooks or slices are not particularly severe. For this player, we’ve designed the XD and XDS to correct up to 50% of hooks and slices, so if your slice typically goes 60 feet to the right with a normal ball, this ball will only slice about 30 feet.

Because these balls were designed to be less corrective than our Ultimate Straight, we were able to raise aerodynamic lift just a bit, so these balls will fly higher in general, and ball flight should be fairly typical with your standard driver. The resulting ball flight will result in a higher trajectory and longer carry distances than our Ultimate Straight golf balls – hence the designation “XD” for Extra Distance (relative to our Ultimate Straight).

Costco Wholesales are membership-only warehouse operators in various locations including the United States and Canada. Costco Wholesale Canada operates 87 membership warehouses in nine Canadian provinces. Costco Wholesale Canada offers discount prices for bulk packaged products, including appliances, food, furniture, sporting goods, office products, and software.

We are thrilled to have our product featured in Costco Warehouses across Canada. It provides the opportunity to showcase our innovative game improvement technology to recreational golfers and expand our customer base.

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