Certified Pre-Owned Advantage Driver 12 (RH)

This certified, pre-owned 12 degree lofted driver is for the  golfer who hits the ball 150 to 190 yards, or who currently uses the Ultimate Straight golf ball.  Pairing the Ultimate Straight with this 12 degree Advantage driver will give you the longest and straightest drives you've ever hit.

  • Loft: 12
  • Shaft Flex: Customizable - Regular, Stiff, Senior, Lady
  • Shaft Weight: 59g
  • Length: Customizable - 45",  46", 47"
  • Head Size: 475 cc
  • Face Composition: beta-Titanium
  • Lie: 58°
  • Face Angle: 0°
  • Handedness: Right

    The only way to purchase a driver is to use the contact form below or email us at customerservice@polaragolf.com

    Quantities are extremely limited. Each driver is $80 plus $19.95 shipping.