Custom Ultimate Distance Driver 12 (Men's Right Hand)

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The Ultimate Straight driver is the only driver made specifically to achieve the best straight-distance performance for Polara balls

If you need a length that is not shown below contact us at 

The customization process and shipping time for our Custom Ultimate Distance Driver 12 takes about  2 weeks.

We use Kelly's Golf to customize our drivers.

Oversized 475 cc super high Moment of Inertia club head. The higher the MOI, the more resistance to twisting and the more forgiving the club will play. We moved weight from the center of the driver to the toe and heel to increase the MOI and resist twisting at impact. Mishits will fly straighter, and the club will be more forgiving when ball contact is made away from the center toward the toe or heel.

Hot non-conforming face exceeds the USGA CT limit. CT is a measure of the amount of time the ball is in contact with the driver's face and corresponds to springiness.

  • Loft: 12
  • Shaft Flex: Customizable - Regular, Max
  • Shaft Weight: 59g
  • Length: Customizable (44",44.5",45.5",46.5") If you need a longer length contact us 
  • Head Size: 475 cc
  • Face Composition: beta-Titanium
  • Lie: 57.5° - 59°
  • Face Angle: -2.5° - 0.5°
  • Handedness: Right
  • Oversized super-high MOI due to 475cc head volume
  • Beta Titanium face for faster ball speed
  • Adjustable loft angle  +/- 1.5° in increments of .75°
  • Adjustable lie angle 0.25° - .50°
  • Adjustable face angle 0.75° - 1.5°
  • Precision cast 6-4 titanium body
  • Lightweight distance shaft for maximum club speeds in multiple flexes
  • A complimentary torque wrench is provided with every driver to adjust the loft
  • At the moment this driver is only available right-handed
  • Max Flex is for slower swing speeds

Find which flex is best for you

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