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Polara Accuracy Golf Balls - The straightest balls in golf. Guaranteed.

The Polara anti-slice golf balls have been proven to reduce slices and hooks by up to 75%. Fixing your golf hook or slice means that you improve your game, and play from the fairway instead of out of bounds. Fix your golf game and have more fun with the world's first self-correcting golf balls; Polara Ultimate Straight (for the golfer with a horrible hook or slice) and Polara XD balls (for the golfer who only needs moderate slice or hook protection & wants more distance).

Polara's Self-Correcting Technology™ is all about the dimple pattern:


• Shallow dimples: Lower lift and establish optimal spin axis.

• Small dimples: Inhibit slice and hook causing side-spin.

• Deep dimples: Reduce drag and enhance weight distribution.


The innovative three piece optimized construction of Polara Ultimate Straight XS and XDS golf balls also works to give you the edge and improve your golf game with more spin on short shots. Each golf ball utilizes a soft lonomer cover for higher spin, a firm DuPont HPF™ for lower driver spin, and a soft polybutadiene core for greater distance. Polara's Self-Correcting Technology has been tested and verified by Golf Labs robot to fly straighter than the competition. Looking for how to improve your golf game? Look no further. Have more fun playing golf with straighter shots and fewer lost balls. Try the Polara Ultimate Straight & XD series golf balls today.

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