A Golf Ball So Straight, It's Banned by the USGA

A Golf Ball So Straight, It's Banned by the USGA

The Polara golf ball is so effective in correcting hooks and slices that the USGA banned its use in PGA sanctioned tournaments.  Polara’s patented asymmetrical dimple pattern technology is the reason the golf ball reduces slices and hooks by up to 75%.  No other golf ball on the market has the patented self-correcting dimple pattern technology of the Polara ball that fixes golf slices and hooks.  Polara golf balls are the straightest balls in golf. Period.

Today, mulligans, gimmie putts and range finders all fall into the same category as playing the Polara self-correcting golf balls.  The USGA and R&A’s job is to regulate rules and equipment for the golf professional and for competitive amateur handicap play.  The scramble format commonly used in outings is not USGA legal.  Neither are gimmie putts, mulligans or other shot concessions.  But all are part of the fabric of golf as it is actually played by recreational golfers as social golf, versus competitive golf. 

Polara Golf’s goal is to help recreational golfers get better at playing their game. We believe our self-correcting golf balls will grow the game by reducing the frustrations of improving among recreational players who struggle with severe slice or hook problems. If a player sees improvement in their game and tap into the joy of golf, they’ll keep playing.  

“We respect the USGA, but what about the other golfers out there that have trouble hitting it straight?”

As a company, we are focused on game improvement technologies for recreational players and the 150 million plus former golfers around the world who all quit the game in frustration, based on the game’s inherent difficulty and restrictive rules designed for the tournament pro or low-handicap amateur.

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