Anchoring: Reaction From the World of Golf

Anchoring: Reaction From the World of Golf

As the USGA and R&A announces their ban on belly putters, the world reacts, and in what seems, in the opposition. The Golfweek Staff compiled comments from all over the golf industry. We compiled some of our own through social media. All in all, some great comments that I hope the USGA will listen to. And even if they don't, we are still going to play golf the way we want to play. 

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Bernhard Langer, two-time Masters winner and current Champions Tour player who has used a long putter since the mid-1990s
It's disappointing . . . very disappointing. It's the same thing I've said for months: I don't know why they couldn't come to the same conclusion 40 years ago that they did today. Why does it take 40 years? Just because we have major winners, that's what it comes down to.

Tim Mickelson, coach, Arizona State University
Sad day for the growth of golf. No matter where you stand on the ban, this doesn't help grow the game.

John Daly, PGA Tour player
NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL....all professional organizations create their rules, PGA should also create rules as professionals in our organization

David Feherty, broadcaster and former player
Horrible decision. Professional golfers need to make the rules for professional golf. Not rocket science.

Butch Harmon, Teaching Professional
Pro golf is the only sport in the U.S. that has an amateur body making its rules. Time to change

Bob Philion, President, Cobra Puma Golf
Golf lost today. This is not the direction we should be going, it will only continue to alienate people from golf. Cobra Puma Golf has been stressing the importance of game enjoyment since we formed in 2010; game enjoyment is how we are going to bring people back to golf. This decision is a giant leap back on that front. With this decision, bifurcation needs to be front and center in golf's conversations and we should be focusing on adapting the rules and the game to be inclusive and fun.

Nike Golf
In cases like this, the USGA and R&A's decision to redefine the Rules on a product that has already legitimately been in play for many years has an impact on both manufacturers and golfers. Despite this, Nike always manages to adapt to the changes and deliver innovative products within the redefined Rules. The USGA and the R&A have the right to make these changes for competitive play. Beyond this decision, we believe that the best interests of the sport of golf are better served by focusing on providing experiences that inspire golfers to play more; developing products that help them to perform better; and better connecting to the golfer in a world where alternative recreational choices are increasing.

TaylorMade Golf
We appreciate the process the USGA used in its decision to ban the anchoring of putters, but we don’t agree the decision is in the best interest of the game.

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Compiled from Polara Golf - found through social media outlets:

I take at least one mulligan every hole. Are they going to start banning that?

They should ban alcohol at golf courses. It provides an advantage. See, if you suck, and you can drink, you don't think about how much you suck as much.

I play the course, not the other golfer. I don't care if they anchor a shovel and putt with that...

This is utterly silly. Rules and equipment change all the time in sports. It's part of the game varying as time passes. You might as well say that football records are unfair now because of rules protecting the QB's and WR's. But you wouldn't do that, obviously.

Pace of play, please fix that.

ProbsGolfing ‏@ProbsGolfing The only anchoring my putter is going to be doing is at the bottom of the pond on 5. #PGA #USGA

Alex Everhart ‏@EverhartAlex Can't wait for the new "LEGALIZE IT" shirts to hit the market! Only these will sport a picture of a belly putter. #USGA #AnchorBan

Bill Schmedes 3, PGA ‏@BS3 Golf Good job growing the game #usga not only does this affect tour players but more importantly the average golfer! #brilliantwork

Riley Johnson ‏@rileyjohn Let the boys play #Stupid #LetThemAnchor #BellyPutters

Steel Van Veen ‏@steelmtg Anchoring ban is a crock. Were trying to grow this game, not make it harder. A MUCH larger issue is slow play. @GolfChannel #anchorban

Eric Ortiz ‏@ericortease The #anchorban is ridiculous very few guys even putt like that. I say you ban clothes like Rickie Fowlers on the course first

Scott Johnson ‏@scottiej70 Speed of play, growing the game & cost to play golf much larger issues than #anchorban #USGA

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