Anti-Slice Ball: It Takes a Golfer to Know One

Anti-slice ball: It takes a golfer to know one

During a recent Polara pow-wow discussing future marketing plans, an issue came up that some of us had never thought of.

Turns out, you need to hit conforming (i.e. slicing) golf balls before understanding the power of the dark side... er, I mean anti-slicing Polara golf balls. (Please note: I don’t really think Polara is the golf ball of choice of Darth Vader. I’m just poking fun at the idea that recreational balls are somehow detrimental to the hallowed game of golf, as some puritan pundits believe.)

But I digress. The subject came up after a reviewer, new golfer, and Polara Challenge participant commented recently that he didn’t notice any of the golf ball’s stated benefits. Incidentally, the man had never hit tournament-legal golf balls with any regularity, so he didn’t understand that slice affects upwards of 66% of all golfers, and that he would have otherwise missed a lot more fairways playing with traditional balls.

That may seem like a big old “duh” to some, but it was a helpful reminder to me that not everyone is familiar enough with golf to now how much a pain in the arse slicing can be for players at all levels. To welcome and include people of all backgrounds and wisdom levels, which is what Polara aims to do with golf balls and equipment that make the game a lot more accessible, enjoyable, and affordable, in addition to curing a golf slice..

So if you’re interested in golf but have never played, we encourage you to hit a bucket of balls at your local driving range. But before the ones who struggle most with that right of passage and prematurely leave the game in a fit of rage because you’re hooking the golf ball, give our balls a try. They’ll blow your socks off, I promise.

The more you know.

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