As Seen on Fox News: “Sorry Our Original Ball Worked So Well”

As seen on Fox News: “Sorry our original ball worked so well”
Horn tootin’ time!

Once again, Polara was featured in Fox News recently. What’s great about this story is that it really captures the essence of our new golf ball, the Polara XD, short for extra distance.

“The original Polara Ultimate Straight golf ball comes at a price: lower lift, which reduces distance,” the report explains. “That’s not an issue for players who would otherwise live in the rough at the sides of the course. But it is for moderate slicers. So Polara released a second self-correcting golf ball this year, the XD, with 25 percent less correction and more lift.”

We appreciate that critical reception to our original ball last year was phenomenal. But some of our customers didn’t like the compromise in distance, so we devised a ball with 50 percent correction instead of the original 75 percent. The result is a ball that gives people as much distance as normal golf balls, while still mitigating slice.

If the first wasn’t right for you, this is perfect. 

In other words, no two golfers are bad in quite the same way. Hence the need for our second ball to ensure everyone can get the most out of the anti-slice revolution.

To find out which game improvement golf ball is right for you, read this. Then head over to Fox News to read the full profile of the new Polara XD. And if you haven’t already, don’t miss the first story they did on us last year, Banned But Awesome.

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