Better With Age: New Gear Helps Senior Golfers Boost Distance

Polara Year in Review: Player Praise, New Drivers, and Beyond

Over the last twenty years, golf courses have gotten significantly longer and more difficult, reports Golf Digest. Meanwhile, senior golfers are older and not as strong or accurate as they used to be, according to the facts of life. To keep up, what’s a senior golfer to do?

“I recently bought the Polara Advantage Driver and two dozen Ultimate Straight balls,” says Jim Gularek of Massachusetts. “The first two rounds I played, I hit all but one fairway, and my drives were 20 yards farther than my TaylorMade driver.”

Gularek is one of a growing number of senior or otherwise recreational golfers turning to non-conforming equipment to better enjoy the demanding and increasingly challenging game. Companies like Polara Golf - endorsed by The New York Times, Fox News, and other reputable media - specialize in anti-slice balls and and distance drivers that, while banned from tournament play, make everyday golf more fun, especially for seniors with slower swing speeds or anyone that has trouble hitting straight shots.

It’s not rocket science. Our anti-slice golf balls and distance drivers work because they weren’t designed for professionals. They were designed for the 85% of golfers that don’t keep a handicap, have no intention of playing the PGA, and largely play for fun.

In other words, Polara’s Ultimate Straight balls use a special dimple pattern to reduce slice by 75% and the company’s Advantage Drivers boost distance by up to 40 yards, because they’re made with thinner titanium, greater loft angles, and a larger head. As documented by the aforementioned media and backed by guarantee, this translates to greater accuracy and more distance, particularly for senior players.

"This driver performs as advertised,” says Gary King of Ft. Lauderdale. “Combined with my Polara Golf balls, I'm driving straighter and 10 to 15 yards longer than previously. At age 77 I welcome all the help I can get."

The new equipment is a hit with the ladies, too. “Since playing with the Polara Ladies Advantage Driver, my distance and loft has been awesome,” says Barbara Howard of Florida. “My friends can't believe how much better my drives are now. I am 72 years old and loving the game of golf."

Doug Coope of Ontario says his Polara Advantage Driver has completely overhauled his game. “I received my driver about a month ago and have been simply amazed by the change,” he says. “The Polara Driver helps me hit straight almost every time and also boosts my confidence with other clubs in my bag to make the game more fun and my rounds shorter. It’s magic!”

It can certainly feel that way, but it’s really just playing by a different set of rules: “Recreational rules." That’s why we exist; to make the game we love more fun for more people; after all, golf is a game. It should be fun—not frustrating, expensive, and long. Playing our equipment is a proven to achieve that for non-professional players.

Michael Shimazu of New Hampshire agrees. “Regularly having birdie and par putts is what it's all about,” he says. “I am just a recreational golfer and never really cared about playing anywhere nice because of my horrible game. Now I am buying a new driver, setting up golf trips, and saving for a new set of irons, all because of a golf ball—The Polara Golf ball. Golf Digest talks about getting people back into the game and for me this is it. Make the game fun and allow us to feel like a pro. Polara does that.”

Photo credit: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons (free to use, even commercially)

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