Does the USGA Have Authority Over Your Game? - Comments Roundup

Does the USGA Have Authority Over Your Game? - Comments Roundup

We asked, you answered. We compiled all of the USGA authority comments from our last email and here are some great comments. Some will definitely even get you thinking about your own golf game.

The USGA has no authority over my game.  I view the organization as obsolete and irrelevant.  What other sport has a full-time entity making "rules" without any other real responsibility? Golf has been around for hundreds of years and all the rules that are needed have been in place for decades.  Sensing their irrelevance and trying to re-establish some semblance of authority is why I think the USGA and R&A fight unnecessary battles over anchored putters, equipment, balls, etc.  It's more about power than anything else. It seems as if the USGA and R&A are focused on the pro game and don't give a damn about the 99.9 percent of the rest of us.  We would all be better off if the Tour developed rules for those who play the game professionally and the PGA of America developed rules for competitive amateurs and another for recreational amateurs and the USGA and R&A went away. - Paul S.

I’m a 100% recreational player.  I use Polara Golf balls, belly putters, and F2 wedges, all non-confirming equipment as far as the USGA is concerned and so do my playing buddies. We all love the game and all shoot in the 100’s, even with the “illegal” equipment.   If the USGA makes us stop, our play will be even slower and make life miserable for the groups behind us and the Marshalls at the courses.  Allow the pro’s to use conforming equipment and allow us to continue to fellowship on Saturday’s and enjoy the game. - Chris B.

USGA? Telling me what to do on the public links? You’re kidding right? My question is with all the improvements in the equipment, the hot golf balls, titanium drivers, that afford these guys the ability to it 295 yard three woods, why are the Polara balls outlawed?  Perhaps because Titleist pays off the USGA? - TP

If the USGA wants to make me go back to slicing then maybe they would like to help me find my drive. It will be in the forest on the right. Nah, I'll just stick to playing Polaras! I really like hitting my second shot off the fairway! - Bob H.

What's the USGA? They've never been in my game. Michael E.

Heck- I don't even have authority over my game!! - Panda Bear

USGA only has Authority over my game if I am a conscientious golfer and follow all the rules.  That’s what makes the game challenging.  But mulligans and gimmies are still fun for recreational golfers. - Bob G.

Because I play recreationally, the USGA has no authority over my game.  I carry a second bag with just water balls.  I use "illegal" clubs and probably don't dress correctly either.  Life is good. - Elizabeth B.

No!!!!!  As a senior citizen who enjoys fun golf and plays within the general guidelines of the USGA rules, as do most of the people I play with do, golf is great exercise, fun, provides fellowship with fellow players and challenges to one self. Using equipment that helps me to enjoy the game seems OK to me. The USGA is the biggest reason golf equipment is so expensive due to their approval requirements. Hell, pro golfers are overpaid prima donnas just as, but not as bad as, pro basketball players, football players, tennis, baseball and so on. USGA rules regarding what pro golfer can use as equipment and guidelines for play is OK.  I am not a pro and just enjoy the game using the equipment that helps my game and I can afford. - FP

False!  The USGA has no authority over MY golf game.  "Authority" insinuates that some enforcement power exists.  As a purely recreational player who doesn't even keep score, I am totally immune from any sanction the USGA might dream up - if they gave a damn.  Add me to the 85%!  Thanks for the opportunity to insert my 5 cents. - Norman J.

As far as I'm concerned they can take their ridiculous rules and shove them where the sun does not shine. - Robert S.

The USGA has nothing to do with my golf game. I play for fun and the Polara Golf extra straight balls have made my outings enjoyable again.  Before I tried these balls my slice was so bad that I almost hated to play. This year on my first time out, I hit 13 out of 18 fairways.  No lie!! I lost one ball, but it was because I didn't quite make my long drive over a lake on 18.  Golf is fun for me again and I'll never use another ball. Period!! - Tony P

I have purchased your golf balls and see no reason why they should not be used by the recreational golfer to further his experience of being able to play from the middle more often. For this I thank you as it has made my golf experience much more enjoyable. 
- Bruce H.

As soon as they start paying for my game, they can have complete authority over it.
- Vince S.

I think the USGA is off the page with the putter ruling. They need to focus on club improvements off of the green that have rendered many golf courses obsolete. Technology has by far surpassed golf course design and redesigning existing golf courses for longer play has only hurt clubs & club members monetarily. I’m surprised the USGA has such a small focus on the game, they need to be looking at the drivers that produce the 350+ yard drives, fairway rescue clubs that hit balls 250+. Granted the club & ball improvements have enhanced the Joe Average players game but has taken the Pro to a level that most courses cannot support. Leave the putter alone, it's only another tool in their arsenal of goodies.
- Steve J.

If they really wanted to make it a level playing field, they would make everyone play with the same clubs, the same golf balls, and the same tees.  If it can be purchased by anyone, how can it be an unfair advantage?  It’s not like the olympic swim suits that some said gave the western nations an advantage because it reduced drag and not everyone could acquire one.
- RS

I think this rule is stupid theoretically speaking a belly or "long putter" gives you no statistical advantage, because if you look at the past major winners only 4 have been won with a belly putter. The USGA banning the anchored putter is stupid on so many levels because of the people it will affect. Being as I have experimented with a long putter that has helped me with my stroke going back to a shorter putter, I’d say the USGA is just trying to keep people happy instead of doing what is right for the game of golf.
- Jason C.

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