Golf Ball Eliminates Slicing - Banned By USGA for Tournament Play

Golf Ball Eliminates Slicing - Banned By USGA for Tournament Play

Imagine the unbridled joy of consistently hitting fairways. The ability to hit the ball straight makes playing golf faster, less expensive and much more fun; fewer lost balls to replace, less time searching and hunting for wayward drives and above all, greater enjoyment and the improved self respect and satisfaction that comes with shooting lower scores!

The Polara self-correcting ball does all of that by reducing hooks and slices up to 75%. A unique, asymmetrical dimple pattern positions shallow dimples around the ball’s equator and deeper dimples at the poles. One glance and you clearly see the Polara difference. Try them and you’ll undoubtedly experience the self-correcting effect. Golf Tips magazine reported, “If you’re a recreational golfer who tends to find the rough more than the fairway, your fast track to straighter shots has arrived. No, it’s not a new training aid, over sized draw driver or magic swing tip. It’s a golf ball that flies straight, even when you put a slice swing on it.”

Robotic Testing Validates Claims

Polara went to Golf Labs in San Diego to validate their self-correcting ball’s performance and the results were eyeopening. During robotic testing where a significant slice was induced, on average, Polara balls reduced the slicing effect by 75% over traditional balls including premium brands. Golf Labs director Gene Parente states, “We set up the Golf Labs robot to simulate a 90-foot slice based on launch conditions of an average golfer. With the nonconforming Polara Ultimate Straight golf ball we found that compared to several popular conforming golf balls, which all sliced about 90 feet, the Polara ball corrected up to 70 feet of the 90 foot slice.”

Garnering National Acclaim

Bill Pennington (New York Times) wrote, “The design of the (Polara) ball corrects slices and hooks by 75 percent. When I took the ball to a New Jersey driving range, regular golfers and the occasional pro could not slice or hook the ball with any regularity.”

Veteran journalist Ron Claiborne (ABC News, Good Morning America) reported,” I carefully teed up a Polara ball, arrow on top, as instructed. I reared back and let it rip. The ball soared high into the sky, arched and landed on the fairway about 250 yards away. It had flown straight and true from tee to landing. I was in shock. “No slice!” I exclaimed. I hit another Polara. The same thing. And another. I simply could not hit a bad shot. It was a miracle.”

Polara balls are designed for the vast majority of golfers who are recreational players, ones who want to take advantage of technology improvements; those who want to have fun playing golf.  We’re not trying to remove the skill from the game.  We’re just trying to remove the frustration.

Since switching to the Polara ball several months ago, someone on our team always shoot in the 70’s. Last week he recorded a 71, three strokes lower than his previous best, though he has only been playing for 25 years. There were shots he knew he missed, but the Polara corrected his mistakes. Shooting lower scores makes playing golf more fun and far less frustrating. Coincidently, he has been eager to play more.

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