Do We Drive As Far As We Think?

Polara Golf Blog - Comments on 5/12/2017 WSJ article "Why Golfers Overestimate Their Ability"
There's an interesting article that recently appeared in The Wall Street Journal entitled "Why Golfers Overestimate Their Ability" that struck a chord with us.  There are several things we noted from the article:
  • We frequently choose the wrong club based on our perception of what our best shots are because we believe that we can easily replicate our best shots; 
  • We have "overly favorable views" of our own abilities in a "wide range of social and intellectual disciplines;"
  • Technology is enabling golfers to make better decisions.
  • While we need confidence and the ability to visualize the perfect swing and drive, we also need data to base our decisions in reality.  Enter

Arccos, which has sifted through millions of data points with its club tracking device and software to determine that roughly 40% of drives fall short, while about 20% either slice or hook.

While we admire that their product claims to "improve your handicap 36x faster than the average golfer," we acknowledge that it still takes a lot of time to take your personal data and improve upon it.  And some people just want to have fun and not have to worry about metrics.

A quicker way to have a good game with less frustration is to use our popular golf ballsand Advantage drivers, which help golfers that don't have the time to improve their game.

Nevertheless, Arccos' products looks very interesting and we'd love to from anyone that has used it.

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