Guest Blogger: The Issue of Non-Conforming Equipment Isn't an Issue

Tom Hinrichs is our guest blogger for the week. He is a recreational golfer and he uses non-conforming equipment to make his golf game less frustrating....

Guest Blogger: the issue of non-conforming equipment isn't an issue

I took up golf again three seasons ago- after not playing for over 20 years. I stopped playing mostly out of frustration- I couldn't play at a level that made the game enjoyable. I took up the game again mainly to be able to share the activity with my grown son and my two sons-in-law and to take part in golf-related activities with friends and business acquaintances.

My goal is very simple- to be able to keep up with the pace of play and play well enough to get around the course and enjoy the game and the companionship of golf. It's not much fun to be 200 yards out while the rest of your foursome is looking down the fairway from the green waiting for you to get to the dance floor.

My current handicap is 25. Modern technology has helped; I use Polara XS golf balls,  game-improvement irons, an ultra-light driver and play from the appropriate tees.  All of these things have helped me play well enough to enjoy the game.  Many sports use altered equipment and/or rules that allow participants to enjoy the game at appropriate skill-levels  (flag football, slow-break basketball, slow-pitch softball, which use a restricted flight ball, etc.)

I started using Polara's self correcting golf balls last year. They have definitely helped me to enjoy the game more, and to look forward to playing. It's a lot more fun playing from the fairway. For me, the issue of non-conforming equipment isn't an issue. As long as a piece of equipment is appropriate to the game- used for a golf related purpose, the question of using it or not is strictly up to the individual.

Tom Hinrichs
Recreational Golfer

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