International Shipping News & Overnight Shipping Policy

 International Shipping News & Overnight Shipping Policy

For the record, with our new website earlier this year we announced international shipping, so now recreational golfers the world over can enjoy Polara Golf products.  We do have a distributor in the UK, so for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland go to: or e-mail 

Our distributor in Europe - for Germany, Austria and Switerland visit
Regarding overnight shipping, we want to manage our customers expectations and explain our policy since our warehouse is not 24x7:

Please note that overnight orders will be shipped the next day providing the order was placed prior to midnight Pacific Standard Time the previous day.  So if you order on a Wednesday and is it past midnight in California, we will not ship out until Thursday.  If order occurs on a Friday or Saturday, overnight shipment will not occur until the following Monday.

Thank you for understanding this policy.


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