It's No Secret: Polara Golf Proudly Applies For Non-Conforming Status Of New Drivers That Exceed USGA Limits

It's No Secret: Polara Golf Proudly Applies For Non-Conforming Status Of New Drivers That Exceed USGA Limits

The governing body of professional golf, the USGA, lists almost 500 drivers that are banned from tournament play. This fall, another will be proudly added to the list: The Advantage Driver by Polara Golf, designed to be the longest-hitting driver in golf.

Made by the same California company that introduced the world to the "banned but awesome" Ultimate Straight™ golf balls endorsed on the front page of the New York Times, the new Advantage Driver is similarly effective in lowering scores and boosting recreational enjoyment of the rigorous game. It accomplishes this with a more forgiving, seriously oversized head which is made of lighter and harder titanium to produce a "trampoline effect" when striking a ball. The result is greater accuracy, straightness, and added distance of up to almost half a football field.

Polara Golf is proud to announce the introduction of Polara Advantage drivers to help recreational golfers add up to 40 yards more per drive.  Like our well-rated and proven Ultimate Straight balls, we specifically engineered these drivers to exceed USGA limits for more enjoyable rounds.

Since our drivers are intended for the estimated 85% of golfers who want to score lower and have more fun outside of formal handicap tournaments, Polara Golf is proud to be listed on the USGA nonconforming list."

Our approach differs significantly from other equipment manufacturers, however, in that unlike Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Bridgestone, Nike and others that quietly release nonconforming equipment, Polara actively promotes the measurable enhancements of the new Advantage Driver and Ultimate Straight balls. We're different in that we advertise the fact that we are selling non-conforming golf equipment. The others do it secretly.

The reason for this can be traced to a double standard of golf purism in which recreational players are expected to adhere to the professional rules of golf, except in cases of more established infractions including foot wedges, gimme putts, and mulligans. Even more recently, it can be traced to the late Ely Callaway's remarks in 2001 regarding nonconforming equipment intended for recreational play. "If the [USGA] makes rules that are against the growth of the game and the enjoyment of the game, then we do not feel that we are wrong, immoral, cheating, bad people to give the public a choice," he said.

Today, Polara Golf stands by that remark. While 67% of Golf Digest readers recently said they would not buy a nonconforming club, "Their readers are not representative of the golfing public, and the data we have indicates the exact opposite: 63% of golfers would play nonconforming equipment since the overwhelming majority play golf for recreational reasons," Felker said.

Hence, the introduction of the Advantage Driver alongside the previously released Ultimate Straight balls. Whether you're a hard-hitting golfer looking for some extra yardage, a senior golfer looking to recapture the distance of years gone by, or slow-swinging player craving an extra 40 yards, the Advantage Driver is guaranteed to deliver more distance than any driver on the market.

The 475cc oversized Advantage Driver is available in four lofts (10.5, 12, HL1, HL3) and in four shaft flexes (Stiff, Regular, Light, Ladies) for a tailored fit. The drivers carry a MSRP of $299 and are only available in limited supply on the website.

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