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Here we are in a new year with a new website!  We hope that this site will be easier to navigate as well as provide you better information about our game-changing drivers and golf balls, and the recreational golf community at large.

Enjoy the site and please tell us what you think about it!New Website for Polara Golf


Polara Golf

Hi Harold,

we will have a lower compression ball coming on the drawing boards but no definitive date on release.

You didn’t mention which specific Polara Golf model you use, so we hope you are using the XD or XDS for that extra distance if slice reduction is not as severely needed.

We see that you’re on our email list so you’ll be one of the first to know if and when one is available.

Thanks for being our customer!

Harold Cornett

I have used your product for 4 years during recreational play. The golf balls do work, no doubt. My only problem they play hard. Have you thought about reducing the compression a bit? Most guys that play the ball are older with slower swing speeds. A lower compression would feel better and go farther.

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