PGA Tour Pro Donnie Hammond's 5 Tips to Hitting Every Fairway

Check out the first edition of Donnie Hammond's Column. Donnie will be a guest blogger every month, detailing how he made it on the PGA Tour and his tips to helping you get better at the game of golf. 

PGA Tour Pro Donnie Hammond's 5 Tips to Hitting Every Fairway

1. I believe one of the most important aspects in your pre-shot routine is getting the club face lined up precisely in the direction that you intend to start the Tee shot. I achieve this by picking out a spot 4-5 feet in front of you, maybe a twig, old divot, or some discoloration in the grass. Now just line the face up to that spot, line your feet up square to the club face, and swing with all the confidence you can muster. It takes a little training to have it become natural but i think you will hit a few more fairways.

2. One important thing I have learned about driving the ball straight is the importance of an aggressive right knee drive on the downswing. Many times the arms start too quickly on the way down and the result is an over the top swing . Shortly thereafter you can hear the golfer yell DOWN!  It usually doesn't help but keeps you in the game. Drive that right knee on the way day for more consistent and solid shots.

3. Most golf balls these days really enjoy being launched with a higher trajectory.  The Polara self correcting golf ball takes this to a new level mostly because it has such a lower side spin capability and the longer it stays airborne the further down the fairway it goes. I recommend a 3 inch tee for the Polara and a loft between 9-11 degrees on the driver. You will see the difference in your distance and a higher launch angle with Polara’s no slice golf ball.

4. Shaft technology for drivers these days is mind boggling. Even more complicated than it used to be to program a VCR. I think the best combination for modern equipment is a light graphite shaft around 50-60 grams paired with a stiffer shaft. You get the benefits of a little more speed in your swing with the consistency of a shaft with less torque. Find another 10-15 yards off the tee and let me know how your handicap starts to drop.

5. Develop the core: sit-ups, a little weight training, biking, swimming, walking the Jack Russell terrier. All physical activity will not only improve your distance and coordination off the tee, it will give you that endurance you need to neutralize your opponent and bring home the cash or bacon depending on the bet. Usually around the 15th hole is when I announce during my pre shot, THIS is where the training comes in! 

Good luck with your game and I wish you very much enjoyment throughout the years.

Donnie Hammond, PGA Tour Pro and Polara Golf Spokesman

PGA Tour Pro Donnie Hammond

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