Lucky winners of their Torrey Pines Golf Getaway Sweepstakes

Lucky winners of their Torrey Pines Golf Getaway Sweepstakes

Elly & Jason Craig of Waukee, Iowa are the winners of the fabulous Polara Golf Getaway to the legendary Torrey Pines Golf Course in beautiful Southern California.

Elly and Jason, and two of their friends, will play two rounds of golf at the legendary Torrey Pines Golf Course and stay at the famous Torrey Pines Lodge.

The Polara Golf/Torrey Pines Golf Getaway Package includes:

• 3 nights stay for 4 people at The Lodge at Torrey Pines in LaJolla, CA.
• Two 18 Hole rounds of golf for 4 people at The Torrey Pines Golf Course.
• 16 dozen Polara Self-Correcting golf balls (4 dozen each of Ultimate Straight, Ultimate Straight XS, XD and XDS golf balls.)
• $500 each (to 4 people) to help cover the cost of airfare AND an additional $500 each to help cover the cost of food and drinks.
• Transportation for 4 people to and from the San Diego International Airport.

Sweepstakes Winner, Elly Craig, is a homemaker, and her husband Jason is an attorney. They live  in Waukee, Iowa with their sons, Nolan, Rex and Teddy. “Jason and I are beyond excited about winning the Torrey Pines trip,” said Elly. “With three young boys at home, this will be an amazing getaway for us.  We plan to go late fall, just when it starts getting cold in Iowa!"

Polara Golf has finally introduced what recreational golfers all over the world have been looking for - a quick fix for their game. While other golf ball manufacturers “claim” to improve accuracy or reduce your hook or slice, the unique dimple design of the Polara Self-Correcting Technology™ golf ball actually does it!

Now even recreational golfers can play from the fairway instead of the rough, the woods, or the next fairway over. Using Polara golf balls is guaranteed to improve your game, increase your accuracy and lower your golf score, which makes the game more fun.

Polara Golf is offering four different Self-Correcting golf balls for 2012 - the original Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ and the new advanced XD™ and XDS™

The original Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ golf balls are designed for golfers whose #1 priority is to control hooks or slices. The radical side-spin-reducing characteristics of the Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ correct wayward shots by up to 75%.  The new advanced XD and XDS golf balls correct hooks and slices up to 50% and have a higher, more traditional trajectory which enables golfers to achieve Extra Distance.  

Polara gave the new XD™ and XDS™ golf balls a different lift and drag profile to make the balls fly higher, resulting in more carry distance.  Now recreational golfers can choose the ball that is best suited for their game.

Polara’s Self-Correcting golf balls are designed to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game by curing the golf slice and eliminating hooks, and are perfectly fine for the recreational golfer to use every day on the course.

All four Polara Golf balls are available at and select retail golf stores nationwide.

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