Polara Golf's Official Statement on USGA's Proposed Rule 14-1b

Polara Golf's Official Statement on USGA's Proposed Rule 14-1b
The U.S. Golf Association and the R&A announced a proposed rules change Wednesday that would ban anchoring a golf club while making a stroke. According to these governing bodies, the proposed Rule 14-1b is not based on performance, but instead deals with the fundamentals and traditions of the game.

Here is Polara Golf's official statement today regarding the USGA's and R&A's latest announcement:

Today's USGA and R&A proposed ruling that would prohibit anchoring the club in making a stroke is just another example of how the USGA has lost touch with the majority of golfers and the golf industry itself.  Anchoring long putters has been a practice used by golfers for many years and is actually in keeping with the longest tradition of golf - the evolution of golf equipment and methods to help golfers achieve a higher level of performance.

Why now, when golf is suffering from such a huge exodus of players from the game, would the ruling bodies propose a change that will make the game that much more difficult and frustrating for millions of golfers? Has the industry not suffered enough in the last few years that we need yet another straw placed on our back? This proposed ruling is totally inconsistent with the golf industry's recent efforts like the PGA's Golf 2.0 Initiative which is designed to help grow the game and Polara Golf's introduction of products like the Ultimate Straight golf ball, the first ball to dramatically reduce hooks and slices.

Polara Golf is the first golf technology company to solely and deliberately design golf equipment that exceeds the equipment limits imposed by the USGA Rules of Golf and does so for the direct benefit and enjoyment of recreational golfers. So it should come as no surprise that we are opposed to today's proposed ruling.

Our position is wholly consistent with the results of a recent survey, commissioned by Polara Golf, which found that the vast majority of golfers have never read the USGA Rules of Golf, admit to often not abiding by the Rules of Golf and are not opposed to using equipment that will further their enjoyment of the game even if the equipment is not allowed by the Rules of Golf. We hope the vast majority of golfers from around the world who simply play golf for fun will express their dissatisfaction with today's proposed ruling as well.

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