Polara Golf to Participate in Loudmouth Skins Game & Charity Classic

Polara Golf to Participate in Loudmouth Skins Game & Charity Classic

Polara Golf's game-changing XD Self-Correcting golf balls will be featured on the 17th Hole of the 3rd Annual Loudmouth Charity Classic golf event taking place on Monday, July 23rd at Thundering Waters Golf Course in Niagara Falls.

Every Hole of the Charity Classic will feature product promotions and samplings…it’s considered by participants to be “the most fun you will ever have on a golf course”. The event includes a Skins Game on Tuesday, July 24th in which one lucky foursome of amateurs will be selected to come back and compete against 2-time Major Winner, John Daly, for $1500.00 per Hole. Event proceeds go to support the John Hamilton Society of Hamilton, Burlington and Area as well as the Project S.H.A.R.E. food bank.

Polara's Self-Correcting golf balls are perfect for these scramble events and charity outings.  They remove some of the frustration from the game and allow even the occasional golfer who normally struggles from a severe hook or slice the chance to have fun and focus on the real reason they are there...to raise money for a great cause.

“This is the best scramble ball on the planet! If you want to hit more fairways, speed up play and have a great time, use the Polara Golf  Ball.” Donnie Hammond – PGA Tour Winner

For more information on the Loudmouth Skins Game and Charity Classic visit their website at www.loudmouthskinsgame.com

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