Polara Lowers Your Score - Part I

ShotLink records the trajectory of all tour Pro shots. We asked Peter Feng our data analytics guru to calculate what would happen if Pros played the Polara ball. If you follow the PGA you know that Bryce DeChambeau out drives the field. The plot below looks at the average drive performance of every Tour Pro.

To read the plot look at the average Tour Pro (green circle) and you will see along the bottom axis that the average drive is 287 yards and 61% of drives are in the fairway. We bet your Polara drives hit the fairway more than 61% of the time!

You will notice that the blue line slopes downward revealing that longer drivers are less likely to land in the fairway. For Bryce, you can see his drives increased by 17 yards in the past two years but his fairway accuracy decreased 6% from 63% to 57%. The steeper the blue line, the more accuracy the pro sacrifices for distance. In a future article we will show how this plot will change if the Pros Teed up with Polara. .


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