Power Play: 5 Tips That Make Polara Balls Even More Awesome

Power play: 5 tips that make Polara balls even more awesome

For recreational players (i.e. 85% of all golfers), Polara balls make golf more enjoyable, faster, and less expensive. Obviously, the reason the balls sell is because they work in correcting up to 75% of hooks and slices.

But there are even things the ball can do that you might not be aware of. For example:

1. Point the arrow at the target to get max correction on drives. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s important to remember this is how to achieve maximum slice correction.

2. To maximize distance off the tee with the Polara Ultimate Straight ball, use a 12 degree driver or even a three wood. This ensure you get the same if not better distance from the Ultimate Straight, which uses reduced lift to correct 75% slice.

3. When approaching a green with a short iron, align the arrow perpendicular to the target to get maximum height, grip, and backspin. (Note: The ball has a lower moment of inertia when spinning with the arrow perpendicular to the direction of the target).

4. In the fairway, if you line the arrow up with your target on iron shots you will get 1-2 club lengths more distance. I don’t always play with Polara arrows in the fairway, but when I do, I get a lot better distance.

5. Play both Ultimate Straight and XD depending on the hole. On narrow fairways, use the Ultimate Straight for maximum straightness. Then use the XD on wide fairways for maximum distance (more here).

There you have it. Just a few more ways to make your next game with Polara’s even better.

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