Science Fair Winner “Confirms Proposed Effects” of Polara Golf Balls

Science Fair Winner “Confirms Proposed Effects” of Polara Golf Balls
When I was 10, I built a lame baking soda and vinegar volcano for my science fair. I lost.

As for Ethan Cossu of Florida, he built a sweet modified skeet shooter last year to independently test the advertized effects of Polara’s anti-slice golf balls. (No, we didn’t put him up to it. It was all Ethan’s doing, for reals.)

His methodology was so good, in fact, he took first place at the Saint Charles Borromeo School Science Fair. After countless hours, more than 30 trials on a local football field, and a standardized swing apparatus, Ethan concluded, “The Polara golf ball with its unique asymmetric dimple pattern allows for less slice on the ball when struck, while only slightly affecting the distance traveled.”

Said Ethan after his scientific victory: “I would like to thank my mom and dad for helping me with this project, the Charlotte High School for allowing me to perform my experiments on their football field, and Jeff Burroughs and Mark Wysocki who helped me adapt the skeet shooter to strike golf balls consistently.”

When alerting us of his son’s accomplishment, Ethan’s dad wrote via email, “I wanted to inform you that our findings completely agreed with yours. We had an incredible fun time with this project. Thanks for a great golf ball and great time.”

Kids these days.

Congratulations, Ethan—keep up the hard work!

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