The Breakfast Ball Named Polara Golf Ball as Official Ball in Death Valley Challenge

The Breakfast Ball Named Polara Golf Ball as Official Ball in Death Valley Challenge

I admit it, trying to set up and pull off this Death Valley Challenge has been a bit exhausting. Everyday I’m trying to figure out a new way to get the word out about the event. That part of this entire process has been a blast. Using my social media platforms and making some great contacts throughout the golfing industry has been more than satisfying. The hard part has been getting the donations. Asking people to donate money to two people playing golf doesn’t seem to be the blueprint for continuous donations. So revamping my marketing strategy is now tops on my list of things that need to change to make this event more successful. This being the first fundraiser I’ve ever attempted I knew that the road to Death Valley was a rough one but I was absolutely clueless to how rough that road really is.

Well something happened today that hopefully is going to smooth that road out for us! I’m happy to announce that Polara, the makers of the straightest, most accurate ball in golf, have joined with us in our efforts to raise money for the First Tee of Southern Nevada and are now the Official Golf Ball of The Death Valley Challenge.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. I was starting to question my decision about the entire event when I was approached by Polara. It was fantastic, for once, to hear someone on the other end of the phone have the same passion and excitement about the concept of The Death Valley Challenge as I do.

There are some big things planned and as the details come forward I’ll be sure to pass them along to everyone! Needless to say I am VERY excited about this!

Go to: to make a contribution to The First Tee of Southern Nevada!!

I also want to thank The guys over at Three Guys Golf for helping me promote the DVC. They were kind enough to put up a post about the event on their site.

Also a quick shout out to Fresh. They also helped us out with post on their Facebook page which was much appreciated!

I love seeing Bloggers helping Bloggers! From the bottom of my heart guys I can’t thank you enough!!

I promise in my next post I’ll talk about MY golf game. I had a super high followed by a super low this past weekend so I have plenty of good and bad to talk about. I’ll also be talking about the GolfShot App so stay tuned for that!

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