The Breakfast Balls' Death Valley Challenge was Truly Death-Defying

The Breakfast Balls' Death Valley Challenge was Truly Death-Defying

Our friends at The Breakfast Ball had a huge idea for a crazy challenge to raise money for The First Tee of Southern Nevada. They played four straight rounds of golf (that is 72 holes) in 120+ degree weather in Death Valley at Furnace Creek Golf Course.

With the help of Polara Golf and several other companies, The Breakfast Ball Boys DID IT and captured every minute of it through photos and on-the-go journalism. Along the way they saw many walks of wildlife, as it was just them and Mother Nature out on the course that day, and drank themselves into a water coma (48 bottles consumed between the two of them in 12 hours). The Pro Shop guy of Furnace Creek told them that he has never seen anyone play 4 straight rounds at Furnace Creek in July before. Way to go gentleman, I think you set a record for sane golfers with the most rounds played in excessive heat.

As round after round was completed, they could start to feel the day and the course wearing on them. The balls weren't stopping on the greens like they were the first round, a couple of mis-hits were made and a few more strokes on some holes than they wanted were counted. But who cares, they were out there to support a great organization, The First Tee of Southern Nevada. It's all about the kids and spreading the word to grow the game of golf (in extreme weather conditions even).

Quote from Breakfast Balls', Mathew, "It’s not the best or coolest (no pun intended) record but it’s ours and it’s one of my proudest moments.  Well that’s not entirely true. What I was most proud about was that I had come up with this idea, put it into action and pulled off a fundraiser for The First Tee of Southern Nevada in a ridiculous location, in crazy hot weather 200 feet below sea level and in less than 4 months! Score one for the good guys!"

This truly is a story for the record books. I am so glad that Polara participated in this extreme event and we would do it again in a second. The boys were able to raise $700 for The First Tee of Southern Nevada.

"So this is my final plea to all of you out there, if you haven’t made a donation because of whatever reason take a look at what we did and why we did it," said Mathew of The Breakfast Ball. "The Kids, bottom line. Then, if you can, help us out by getting us to my $1,000 goal and let EVERYONE know, even the Kids at the First Tee that with a little Perseverance a little hard work and a couple loose screws upstairs in your head that you too can do anything when you set your mind to it! Thanks everyone! Without all of your help and support we would have been just two idiots playing golf in the middle of Death Valley just cause it was there. Yeah, I know. That still was the case!"

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