Top 5 Reasons To Try Polara This Year


Top 5 Reasons To Try Polara This Year

As a company, we’ve seen a lot of growth over the last couple of years.

In 2011, we broke through mainstream media with glowing praise of our inaugural Ultimate Straight ball, the first and only anti-slice golf ball that puts you on the fairway, guaranteed. Last year, we listened to our customers and released a complimentary ball with less correction but greater lift for players with better swing mechanics.

That too, excited the press.

This year, we’re excited to unveil a new host of golf related equipment to help you enjoy the game of golf even more. But before we do that — all in good time, you see — we’d like to remind you of why 2013 is as good a time as any to try our original anti-slicing golf balls if you haven’t already:

1.  Seeing is believing. The biggest reason you should try a Polara this year, is because they simply work. Google reviews of our product if you don’t believe us. The press says so. User reviews say so. They just work. If you’re tired of slice and tired of playing from the words, trees, or out of bands, try a box today.

2.  Everybody else is doing it. We’d love to say that everyone uses are balls already, but we have our work cut out for us. But we can say that 73% of golf already admit to bending the rules, something every Polara player must do when playing balls. It all comes down to a simple question: Do you want to play by professional, time consuming, and overly demanding rules every time you play, or do you want to have fun? The vast majority answer with the latter, making them prime candidates for playing Polara (which is what we aim to do).

3.  They give you better grip and backspin on your approach shots. One of the added bonuses of Polara balls is they give you more backspin on your approach shots (plus a whole lot more). Not only is it the straightest ball in golf, it’s the most versatile and can help you get even more than just distance when needed.

4.  Traditional golf is out of touch. Despite the fact that more golfers play for recreational reasons and therefore bend the rules when they play, the golfing establishment is actually making the rules more unrealistic than they already are. They still think everyone should play by professional rules at all times. They’re more concerned with tradition than getting the most out of the game and what makes more sense for evolving taste, lifestyles, and time constraints. We appreciate the rules when applied to professional golf. But for everyone else, there is a better way. Polara balls are leading the way.

5.  Because playing from the fairway is more fun. You know the feeling; sometimes you have great times on the golf course, especially if the slice gods are on your side. Often times you don’t. After switching to Polara balls, We rarely leave the golf course disappointed and defeated. The game is still a challenge. But it’s not discouraging with Polara. It’s fun. It makes us feel like we're a pro on select shots. It makes it so we don’t have to hunt for, replace, or slow up play as often as we used to. It makes for shorter rounds so we can enjoy ourwelves then get back to our families. It just works.

Golf is a game. Go have fun.

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