Training for Your Olympic Quest or Your Next Round...

Training for Your Olympic Quest or Your Next Round...

Take your game to the next level--- 2016 Summer Olympics or just next weekend.

Fitness-- The summer is the best time to regain that fitness level crucial to hours of training on the range or around the green. Grab the terrier and take off walking for 3-4 miles a day, maybe follow with a nice swim and you are certainly on your way to the qualifier for the Rio Olympics. Donʼt forget to add a little weight training with your aerobic activities to add that extra 30-40 yards off the tee when you need to punish one.

Plan your Strategy for the next 4 years-- Developing a solid 4 year plan will take a few hours with your mates, preferably after 18 holes in a cool hydrating atmosphere. When you arrive home ready to announce your lofty goal to the smarter half of the team, be confident, and calmly explain with their help, putting in more hours at work and mowing the lawn weekly, that over the next 4 years, greatness is within reach, and possibly GOLD. (Maybe mention gold prices are very high too)

This will be the toughest part of winning Gold-- Convincing your spouse of the preceding strategy. This could take weeks or months to accomplish. You really have to strike quick while the Olympics are fresh and adrenaline is still registering slightly in your bloodstream. Donʼt underestimate the power of bribery in your presentation. I offered to make matching gold earrings for my wife for those nights I wear the medallion out to dinner with friends.

Hire a former PGA Tour Player for full time coaching-- You know how to play golf, you even hit 6-8 excellent shots a day. Now the critical part of the plan starts to take hold with the experience of a Tour player working with you on swing analysis, equipment, course management, conditioning, nutrition, wine tasting, short game, and planning your next 3-4 years competing around the globe. This could get a little expensive so once again very important for the spouse to cut the budget with less important purchases.

Be patient during the Process-- Even the greatest player of our generation has to accept that golf takes many reps for many months to accomplish the consistency needed to dominate and win the big events. Golf has to be the toughest game to Master and when a middle aged man with a part time job goes for the Gold in Rio it will take all the patience and dedication one can muster.

Good luck and see you in Rio !

Donnie Hammond
PGA Tour Pro

Donnie Hammond

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