Updates From the PGA Show

Updates From the PGA Show


The Polara Golf team presented the revolutionary anti-slice golf balls to the country's top media representatives at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  We also introduced the new Polara Golf Wedges that are scheduled for release this spring as well as the launch of the new Recreational Golf Association of America.

The wedges are sure to please Polara Golf advocates. The clubs feature a corrugated grooved plate placed behind the face plate that will create 35% higher backspin, resulting in more green-stopping power. Now the average golfer has more opportunity to perform on a whole new level. "The new wedges and the RGAA were received very well.

We also hosted the Polara Triple Challenge where the media demoed Polara Golf's line of products including the anti-slice balls, new drivers and the new wedges on the range. About half of the media played the ball in the on-course scramble, creating a buzz for more information on the equipment.  Polara Golf's good at brewing up buzz – especially where tradition is deep and non-conforming is still breaking through as an industry term.

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