You Might Be a Recreational Golfer If...

You Might Be a Recreational Golfer If...

You drink more beers than pars or bogeys. - The Art and Science of Breaking 90

You have 10 range balls and use them all on your big Bertha driver. - Scott Conwell

You have iron covers!! - Kip Bilo

You mention "snowmen" in July. - Kevin Loveridge

Your score equals a 10 times table. - Gord Condie

You write down what score you think you should have. - Keith Martinson

You take a mulligan on every hole. - Chris Knox

You spend more time looking for balls than hitting them. - Chaz Shugars

You consider losing only one box of balls a good round. - Dan Patrick

You don't have a tour card. - Timmy Denny

You find a ball plugged in a hole and think it’s a pot of gold! Extra ball! - Jack Ashurst

You spend more than you make. - Sean Giles

The eraser on your pencil is smaller than the point. - Panda Bear

You don’t even think about NOT taking a free drop on a plugged ball! - Adam Manika

You improve the lie - Gary Plunk 

You think a plugged ball is normal! - Jack Gamble

You think a plugged ball is not only 'normal' ... but you're excited that you've actually FOUND your ball at all! - BallTalk Golf Balls and Gifts

You find your ball and take a picture, instead of just taking a free drop and playing on. - Froggie-Sharon Brady-Shimp

Unlike the Pro's, you can't afford to damage yourself or your clubs, for that reason you move the plugged ball. - Gary Owens

You play with 3 buddies, all with 22 handicap and you never win a bet. - Manus O'Donnell

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