3 Piece Trial Pack - XS and XDS

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Polara's 3-piece trial pack includes a sleeve of each (3 golf balls), the XS (Ultimate Straight - Extra Spin) and the XDS (Extra Distances & Spin) for a total of 6 balls. 

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XS (Ultimate Straight - Extra Spin)

The Polara 3-piece XS (Ultimate Straight) golf ball reduces hooks and slices up to 75%. It gives Extra Spin off shorter irons for more ball-stopping power on the green. Get yours today and dramatically improve your golf game.


  • Recommended Driver Loft: 10.5 degrees or Higher
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Ball Diameter: 1.685 inches
  • Ball Weight: 45.5 grams
  • Core Material: Polybutadiene
  • Core Diameter: 1.480 inches
  • Boundary-Layer Material: DuPont HPF™
  • Boundary-Layer Thickness: 0.050 inches
  • Cover Material: Ionom
  • Cover Material Thickness: 0.052 inches
  • Cover Material Hardness: 62 Shore D
  • Number of Dimples: 386
  • Ball Flight Characteristics: 75% Self-Correcting Technology™

XDS (Extra Distance & Spin) 

The Polara 3-piece XDS (Extra Distance & Spin) golf ball reduces hooks and slices by up to 50% and is designed for Maximum Distance and control around the green.

Since these balls were designed to be less corrective than our Ultimate Straight, we were able to raise aerodynamic lift just a bit, so these balls will fly higher in general, and ball flight should be fairly typical with your standard driver.

The resulting ball flight will result in a higher trajectory and longer carry distances than our Ultimate Straight golf balls – hence the designation “XD” for Extra Distance (relative to our Ultimate Straight).


  • Recommended Driver Loft: Any Standard Loft
  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Ball Diameter: 1.682 inches 
  • Ball Weight: 46.0 grams
  • Compression: 90
  • Core Material: Soft Resilient Polybutadiene
  • Core Diameter: 1.480 inches
  • Cover Material: Ionom
  • Cover Material Thickness: 0.050 inches
  • Cover Material Hardness: 60 Shore D
  • Number of Dimples: 336
  • Ball Flight Characteristics: 50% Self-Correcting Technology™

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