Golf Reality

OK, let's admit it.  Golf is both addicting and frustrating.  When mastered it can be a spiritual experience, but for most of us the usual 18 holes can be less than stellar for a multitude of reasons.

Did you know that:

  • The average male golfer in the United States shoots 106 and drives the ball 195 yards (compared to 300 yards for a pro)
  • 75% of golfers have never read the USGA Rules of Golf
  • 73% of golfers admit to taking Mulligans, "gimme" putts and other popular infractions such as using a "foot wedge."
  • 63% of golfers will consider playing non-conforming equipment in order to maximize game enjoyment
  • Only 15% of golfers maintain an USGA handicap.

Slices and Hooks slow play for everyone; they are embarrassing and frustrating.  A golfer can usually lose 5 to 10 golf balls per round of golf, and most golfers don't want to pay $50 to $100/hour for lessons.

Let's face it:  Life is too short to look for lost balls and be slowed down by slices and hooks.

Polara Golf products can cut 45 minutes off a round of golf, can increase confidence and pride, and make the game more enjoyable.

Polara Golf has developed entirely on its own, advanced technology for golf ball designs that are non-conforming according to The U.S. Golf Association or “USGA” “symmetry rule” and that enable a golf ball to fly substantially straighter than any other commercially available product. Our golf balls are sold under the Polara Golf brand name primarily through retail, internet and international distribution channels.