Limited Warranty

Polara Golf Club Warranty

Polara Golf warrants, to the original consumer only, that its golf clubs purchased from Polara Golf or from an authorized Polara Golf retailer or distributor will be free from defect in materials and workmanship during normal and customary use for 1 year from the original date of purchase. Warranty service will be provided to the consumer if: (1) the consumer presents proof of purchase in the form of an original receipt from Polara Golf or an authorized retailer or distributor on or before 1 year from the original date of purchase and (2) the golf club has not been abused, altered, defaced, or misused, or otherwise damaged through the act or neglect of the consumer or a third party.

If a golf club has undergone any modifications (i.e., reshafting, regripping) and no damage was done as a result of the modification, the club may be covered by the warranty policy, provided it shall be in Polara Golf’s sole discretion to determine whether any damage was caused by any such modification(s). Polara Golf does not warrant its product against damage caused by third parties.

This warranty does not cover paint scratches, cosmetic blemishes, or other normal wear and tear. All cosmetic and other repairs not covered under this warranty may be made for a fee.

If a defect in a genuine Polara Golf club appears during the warranty period and the consumer complies with all of the requirements above, then Polara, in its sole discretion, will 1) repair the defect; 2) replace the defective club with the same or a comparable product; or 3) refund the consumer’s actual purchase price less reasonable depreciation based on actual use in any instance where the club is no longer available and repair is not possible upon prompt return of the club to Polara Golf.

To initiate warranty service and/or have any work performed on a Polara Golf club, please call Polara Golf customer service at 800-274-8673.

Polara Golf Warranty Disclaimer:

This warranty is in lieu of any and all other express warranties. Polara Golf disclaims all warranties for golf clubs that are purchased from sellers other than Polara Golf or its authorized retailers or distributors, including the warranty of merchantability or the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Polara Golf also disclaims any and all implied warranty, including the warranty of merchantability or the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and assumes no responsibility for any special, incidental, or consequential damages as to its golf clubs and components. Polara Golf further disclaims any implied or express warranty of, and assumes no responsibility for, defects in workmanship caused by third parties. This warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights; a consumer may have other rights depending upon where he or she lives. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long a warranty lasts, so the above exclusion and limitations may not apply to everyone.

Fitting Guarantee

Polara Golf offers a 30-day Golf Club Fitting Guarantee. Within 30 calendar days from the date of the original consumer’s purchase of a golf club manufactured by Polara Golf, if, for any reason, the original consumer/purchaser is not satisfied with his or her purchase, the original consumer/purchaser may request from Polara Golf a different shaft and/or loft at no additional charge to the original consumer/purchaser of the golf club. The consumer is responsible for the cost of shipment of the golf club to Polara Golf and Polara Golf is responsible for the cost of any repairs associated with a fitting guarantee request along with the cost of return shipment of the golf club to the consumer provided that (1) the original receipt is provided, which establishes the fitting guarantee request was made within 30 calendar days from the original consumer’s purchase date, (2) the golf club is the original golf club purchased (i.e., it has not undergone any modifications after being manufactured by Polara Golf), and (3) the golf club’s condition is within normal wear and tear.

To initiate the fitting guarantee, please call Polara Golf customer service at 800-274-8673.