Boxgroove Q&A with Polara

Boxgroove Q&A with Polara

Boxgroove likes to share with our community of golfers some of the latest products and services that are making an impact on the game of golf. While these products and services might not be for all of our members, certainly a few of you may enjoy trying something we discuss in the Industry Corner. Boxgroove had the pleasure of chatting with Polara management. 

Q. What is the Polara golf ball and what does it do for golfers?

A. Polara has created a golf ball with a dimple pattern unlike any other. All other golf balls have uniform dimple distribution on the surface of the ball. Not Polara - the dimple pattern has 3 distinct regions: shallow truncated dimples surround the equator (seam) and there are deep spherical dimples clustered on the poles. The physics and aerodynamics are quite complicated, but the bottom line for the golfer is - the Polara golf ball's dimple pattern greatly reduces the sidespin that is the root cause of hooks and slices. If you have a bad hook or slice problem, then the Polara Ultimate Straight balls are the ones for you - they reduce up to 75% of the hook & slice, assuring most every shot lands in the fairway. If you are the type of golfer who has an occasional slice and your #1 priority is distance,then the Polara XD ball is right for you – this extra distance golf ball corrects up to 50% of the hook or slice dispersion and delivers distance that is as great or greater than most other golf balls.

Q. Golf Ball manufacturers have been claiming for years that they can improve your accuracy or reduce your hook or slice...does the Polara golf ball really work?

A. Yes, but don't take my word for it, check out what third parties have written about Polara’s self-correcting golf balls:

Ryan Heiman of

Ron Claiborne, ABC Good Morning America

Bill Pennington, golf writer for the New York Times

PGA teachers are now incorporating Polara golf balls into their instruction plans. New golfers are using Polara golf balls to allow them to enjoy the game more from the start – they are keeping their shots in the fairways, cutting the average time for a round of golf because less time is spent looking for balls in the woods.

Q. How do you think this ball will change the game of golf?

A. Polara’s anti-hook and anti-slice golf balls make golf more fun for recreational golfers. They remove some of the frustration (especially on the first tee), make it easier to learn, speed up play, lower the cost (lose fewer golf balls),and improve your golf game...making the game more fun, which will ultimately translate into more rounds played, which will help grow the game of golf!

Q. I heard that you worked in the golf industry before Polara Golf. Is it true that you were associated with Callaway?

A. Yes, I was one of the founding members of Callaway Golf Ball Company. Ely Callaway hired me to lead the R&D effort from the start. Our first product was the most advanced 3-piece polyurethane covered high-performance ball at the time – the Callaway Rule 35. Titleist came out with their ProV1 ball in response to the Callaway Rule 35. This change marked the end of wound golf balls for tour play.

Q. Where can people find your products?

A. Go to our website,, to purchase on-line or to find the nearest Polara retail location.

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