Santa Barbara Police Foundation Golf Tournament Plays with Polara Golf Balls

Santa Barbara Police Foundation Golf Tournament Plays with Polara Golf Balls

Carlsbad, CA - Polara Golf ( announced today that they will be holding their popular Polara Straight Drive Challenge at the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort Golf Course in Solvang, CA on Friday, June 1st to benefit The Santa Barbara Police Foundation.

Polara Golf selects charity golf outings throughout the country to participate with and donates self-correcting golf balls to help golfers of all skill levels hit more fairways, speed up play and make the day a more enjoyable experience. In the Straight Drive Challenge, flags are placed out in the fairway at 160 yards, similar to field goal posts in football, and contestants are given the opportunity to win FREE sleeves of Polara golf balls for hitting their drives through the uprights.

"The reason we sponsor these charity golf tournaments and hold these Straight Drive Challenges is really very simple," said David Felker, PhD and Head of Technology for Polara Golf. "We want to remove some of the frustration from the game so everyone can have fun and focus on the real reason they are raise money for a great cause."

Apparently the Santa Barbara Police Dept. is investigating the legality of the Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls during this Team Challenge Cup and plan to announce their findings after the event!!!

About The Santa Barbara Police Foundation
The Foundation supports the Santa Barbara Police by raising community awareness and providing mechanisms to procure funding for three primary purposes. First, to provide funding for the Department so it can purchase necessary equipment beyond the Department's budgetary abilities and keep the Santa Barbara community safe. Secondly, to provide funding to assist a fallen officer lost in the line of duty or to a catastrophic illness. And third, to provide funding to assist officers' immediate family or a police department employee who suffers a catastrophic illness.

The Foundation is entirely funded by general contributions and support from its members. It is a qualified non-profit under 501C(3) so donations qualify as tax deductions.

"As a police officer and sergeant, I have served many people during personal tragedies, loss, death and grieving in the Santa Barbara community," said Michael McGrew, Sr., a Major Crime Sergeant with the Santa Barbara Police Department. "I never knew how much help or comfort I was able to provide to the victims I encountered, or to the families who were affected by the losses of a loved one, but I did my best. It wasn't until I became the person who needed help, that I truly realized the powerful impact that we have on people when we put our hearts out to each other in times of need, grieving, and loss. My son Michael Thomas McGrew was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when he was twelve years old. Michael underwent extensive chemotherapy several times during a six year span and spent over 200 days a year in the hospital while he endured 14 major surgeries, the loss of his left leg and the removal of the major bones in his right leg. I became a board member of the Santa Barbara Police Foundation and became part of a group of caring and selfless people who have joined together in order to help police families that may encounter similar catastrophic situations as my family had. Little did I know that I would become one of the first recipients of the foundation's help when my son Michael died after his six year battle with cancer at the age of 18. The Santa Barbara Police Foundation quickly stepped in and assisted our family with the burial expenses for my son and allowed our family to move through the grieving process with less stress due to the financial help we received during that most difficult time. By contributing to the Santa Barbara Police Foundation, you will help the officers and police employees who are always the first to step up to help others, but usually will never ask for help for themselves.

For more information on the Santa Barbara Police Foundation Team Challenge Cup call Frank Banales (805) 963-8961 ext. 21 or e-mail

About Polara Golf
Over 85% of golfers struggle with a severe hook or slice and are looking for a "quick fix" for their game. Polara Golf has the answer, and it's not magic, it's physics. The unique dimple design of the Polara Self-Correcting golf ball transforms hooks and slices into longer, straighter shots...GUARANTEED!

Polara Golf is offering four different Self-Correcting golf balls for 2012 - the original Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ and the new advanced XD™ and XDS™.

"We gave the new XD™ and XDS™ golf balls a different lift and drag profile to make the ball fly higher, resulting in more carry distance for golfers who tend to hit the ball with a lower trajectory," said David Felker, PhD, and Head of Technology for Polara Golf. "Now recreational golfers can choose the ball that is best suited for their game, the original Ultimate Straight™ or Ultimate Straight XS™ with up to 75% Self-Correcting Technology, or the new advanced XD™ or XDS™ with up to 50% Self-Correcting Technology. Depending on how much slice & hook control a golfer needs and how a golfer hits the ball will dictate which Polara ball best fits their swing."

Like the original Ultimate Straight™ and Ultimate Straight XS™ golf balls, the new XD™ and the XDS™ golf balls are designed to help golfers increase their enjoyment of the game, and are perfectly fine for the recreational golfer to use every day on the course.

Polara Golf uses the best available technology to create demonstrably better products that are limited only by the Laws of Physics. All of the Polara golf balls are designed for use by recreational golfers who want to take advantage of technology improvements designed to help them enjoy the game more.

For more information about Polara Golf, visit or call 866-556-3100.

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